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    Thinking Forward a Letter to your Grandchildren
    The world is really screwed up.  The richest nation in the world has a group called the working poor and income inequality is accelerating.  The Middle East is experiencing upheavals reminiscent of the Crusades.  Healthcare is still messed up, separation of powers means that nothing gets done any more, manufacturing jobs are overseas and they arent coming back, and 12 million or so people are living here illegally. Americas role as the sole post-Cold War superpower is shaky.    Were on the brink of ecological disaster. Oh ya, and theres a disease epidemic unlike anything weve seen in over a century. In short, things are bad.  Heres your task: write a letter to your children explaining how and why things got this way.  If youre up for the task, offer some advice for how they can move out of this morass and into a brighter future.   

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