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    In this assignment, you will combine all of the information you have learned this week to evaluate a teaching scenario. For each learning context, you will be observing a teacher in the classroom. After watching the video, answer the questions, based on your context, using the information from the week as your guide. Respond to either the K-12 or adult learning questions, but not both.

    To structure your writing,

    Your audience will be another group of colleagues and/or a teaching supervisor. You are reporting on how the teaching/ideas are best-practice based on what you have learned so far.
    Your role is that of someone who is observing teaching practices of an ELL teacher.
    The format will be an essay.
    The purpose is to evaluate the teaching practices for best-practices, according to research (class content you have learned so far)

    Children or Students in a K-12 Learning Context


    Comprehensible Input
    Teachers Incorporate Comprehensible Input
    Affective Filter Theory
    Tools, Tools, Tools
    Summary: Differentiated Instruction and the English Language Learner
    Watch Westergaards 2015 video, ESL Beginner Lesson Demo (Chris Westergaard) (Links to an external site.)

    Address the following items in your paper:

    Thinking of all of the information we have learned related to planning for ELLs,

    Describe how the teachers use comprehensible input hypothesis and what can be done to include more comprehensible input.
    Explain if and how the teachers are using communicative language teaching.
    Evaluate how students might vary in their interactions during lessons based on their proficiency with basic interpersonal communication skills (BICS) and cognitive academic language proficiency (CALP).
    Determine what language objectives might be important for ELLs to be successful in this lesson? Determine what language objectives might be important for ELLs to be successful in this lesson?

    Must be two to four double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined

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