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    1. In what ways did Tachounes knowledge of the Chinese language contribute to his success? Why was it particularly important given the areas of China he visited?
    2. Western businesses depend on documents and written contracts. What challenge did Tachoune encounter and how did he cope?
    3. What did Tachoune mean when he said the rules were not written on the wall? What does that suggest when doing business in other countries and cultures?
    4. In many parts of Asia, respect is gained with age but Tarchone was quite young when he went to China. If a young foreign manager were to be sent to China, what could he or she do to improve his or her managerial effectiveness in that country?
    5. Tarchoune indicated that there would be some differences in doing business in the larger modern cities of China as compared to where he went. To what extent do you think that such might be the case in other parts of the world? Do you think that Western businesspeople may have a preference for cities that may cause them to ignore opportunities in rural areas? Why?

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