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    Step 1: Read the Case Study:  Mr. Nedham is 70 years old and quite healthy and active. He feels stressed with work and with the death of his wife 6 months ago. Also, he experiences some pain in his lower back for which he would like relief.

    2 parts to this.

    Part 1: Respond to the 3 questions in your own words.
    Part 2: Respond to the example attached in no more than 100. ( Have to say what do you think about this example and what do you like about it).

    PART 1 questions:
    Question1 : Identify Mr. Nedham’s health concerns.

    Question 2: Select one mind-body approach (yoga, tai chi guided imagery, journaling) and one non mind-body approach (e.g. traditional Chinese medicine & acupuncture, biomechanical, bioenergy approaches) that might help Mr. Nedham with his health concerns.

    Question 3: Describe each of your two selected complementary/alternative approaches and how each may help Mr. Nedham.

    -: Remember to provide APA style reference citations in the paragraphs of your post and a reference list.

    Demonstrate an accurate identification of important ideas . . Very well written with few or no grammatical errors, and very good organization of ideas. Main post is thorough, 250-350 words.

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