Any topic (writer’s choice)

    Whenever you learn something about writing, come in here and complete a post.

    1) Posts must be about writing. If we read an article about technology and you learn that too much internet changes the wiring in your brain, you CANNOT write a post about that.
    HOWEVER, if in that article the author made some interesting writing decisions – maybe organized or formatted a certain way, maybe structured sentences a certain way – you could reflect on and discuss that.  (If you don’t understand the distinction here, text me)
    2) You must follow the format below:
    1st Sentence: Summarize the lesson in your own words
    Next 2 Sentences: Elaborate with important details, further explanation, examples, etc.
    4th Sentence: How can what you’ve learned be applied in your future career?
    5th Sentence: How can what you’ve learned benefit you outside of work and school?
    That’s it.  Five sentences.  A single paragraph. 
    I need 10 paragraphs of five sentences each only.

    Those are the story we read:
    Value of writing well by Dustin wax.
    Salvation by langston huges.
    Learning to read by frederick douglass.
    Lydias story by Jan brideau.
    Home game by michael lewis.

            also I learned about rhetorical situations

    also wrote a narrative project, for my narrative project,  I did a personal statement and I also had to to do a reflection on my personal statement

    Note: I added the pictures on the file of my essay.

    The one that start with my audience is the reflection of my personal statement that I wrote.

    And i also did two page essay on value of writing by Dustin wax

    Note: I added the pictures on the file of my essay

    The one that start with the important of writing is the essay I wrote from Dustin wax artical.

    NOTE: Those are the details Im providing you so you know what I have learned so far in the class so u can write about.

    Please use easy English dont use strong English.

    Please let me know if you are confused about the direction.

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