Any topic (writer’s choice)

    Final exam (15%): This exam will be cumulative, although it will be weighted toward the material after the mid-term.

    Please write a short essay on this topic. The essay should be typed, Times New Roman 600 words).

    Essay question:

    Imagine a world in 2049 in which peaceful means are the only ways to deal with conflicts at the personal, intergroup and international level. How would this peaceful world look like?

    What would we need to do in the next 5, 15, and 25 years in order to achieve this peaceful world? You can focus your essay at the personal, intergroup or international level. Please include at least 3 concepts or theories from the class readings and discussions in your writing.

    Guidelines to Submitting Writing the paper version
    Please follow these submission guidelines:

    word-process all submitted work (handwritten papers will not be accepted)
    proofread and spellcheck all your submitted work
    use Times New Roman font, 12-point size
    doublespace, using 1 inch margins on all four sides
    number all pages in the bottom right hand corner

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