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    This assignment is designed to meet the following course learning objectives:

    Understand and critically analyze contemporary models and methods in mental health research
    Identify biological, psychological, social, and cultural characteristics and contributions to mental health
    More effectively solve problems and communicate with a broad audience

    You and your group developed an argument about a controversy in the field of mental health, while another group developed an opposition argument for the same controversy. In this essay, you will write a final position paper that synthesizes the evidence from your group and the opposition group. This is not simply a summary of your groups argument. You should carefully consider the evidence on both sides of the controversy and use the cumulative evidence to develop a balanced argument that reflects your individual judgement.

    Criteria for Success:

    Include an introductory paragraph that states your final position on the controversy and one or more reasons (arguments) for that position.
    Summarize the evidence to support the arguments for your final position, citing specific research.
    Summarize the evidence for arguments that conflict with your final position, citing specific research that supports these counter-arguments.
    Describe why evidence for your argument is more substantial than evidence for the counter-argument(s).
    Including a concluding paragraph that reiterates your arguments and describes the implications of your argument (e.g., policy proposals, new research directions, recommended standards for clinical intervention).
    Include citations in the text in APA format (e.g., “Casement et al.”)
    Include a reference list at the end of the paper in APA format (the reference list does not count toward your 750 word count limit).
    Have good writing quality.

    my topic is contact sports are harmful for mental health

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