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    Project Part 5 Modules
    Modify the pseudocode design that you created in ITP 100 Project Part 4 to include at least the following modules.
        studentID    to Enter the Student ID
        calcBill        to Calculate the Bill
        prtBill        to Print the Bill
    After the student has finished entering the course titles, the system will calculate and print the bill.
    Create a hierarchy chart for the modules.  Save the hierarchy chart as ITP100Project-Part4-Hierarchy-LastName.doc
    Save the pseudocode design using the filename ITP100Project-Part4-LastName.doc
    Submit for a Grade:
        Upload the files ITP100Project-Part4-Hierarchy-LastName.doc and ITP100Project-Part4-LastName.doc file to the ITP100_Project_Part4 file upload area.

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