Any topic (writer’s choice)

    Professional paper

    Reference with citation

    300-500 word only

    Please reply to the below:

    By the end of this unit you need to reflect on the topics you have studied in the past two weeks and how you will be able to apply it to your personal and/or professional life.

    Write a short (approx 300 – 500 words) Journal Entry to explain:

    The key things you learned during the last two weeks
    How can they relate to the workplace?
    How they can aid your personal and professional development?
    Remember to be specific and give examples.
    At the end of this module you will be required to submit a summary entry in Unit 9, based on all the work you have done in the whole module. In total, your Journal Entries carry 20% of the marks for the module as a whole.

    Your Journal Entry should be submitted to the Journal Tool with the relevant unit title. Your tutor will then provide brief feedback on your submission.

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