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    Art history paper on the Acropolis- Athens, Greece

    Research Paper Information
    A final written assignment is required for Art History (ART 2713)

    Research papers are to be at least 1000 words on any work of art, artist, or architecture from your text. 
    Papers should be typed, MLA style-MLA Research Paper Document.docxPreview the document , sighting three or more sources, not including your text. These could be books or magazines from the library. A third page for sources should be included.  You may only use one source from the internet.
    All papers are to be emailed to me at as an attached word document. Failure to meet these guidelines will result in a lowered letter grade for the research assignment which counts the same as a test grade
    You have all semester to complete the paper.
    No papers will be accepted late!
    Do Not Plagiarize!!

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