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    For my research paper, I would like to expand on the annexation of Texas, filibusters, and their lasting effects. My grandmother is from Texas, her grandmother was born there and I am curious to know how that has impacted them and others like them. Today my grandmother is an avid Trump supporter and thinks that illegal immigrants deserve to be locked in cages. Two important things here, children of immigrants being so colonized they now hate immigration, and how that connects to what happened to them since Mexico became a part of the United States. Mexico lost over half of its land, and those citizens on the land would change forever. Now, having to become American citizens after being trapped in a two long war, Native Mexicans were forced to change their religion, denounce citizenship and fight to become seen as Americans.
    I am excited to expand on this connection and hopefully learn more about my heritage.
    3 sources, one “occupied america” 9th edition by rudolfo acuna

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