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    1. Several authors have argued that negative stereotypes, or controlling images, problematically justify oppressive policies and practices against women of color. What are controlling images? Discuss 3 controlling images, explain their symbolic function, and discuss specific examples of how they have shaped public policy or served to justify discrimination or exploitation in terms of poverty, labor exploitation, sexual harassment, reproductive control, or criminalization and incarceration, etc.
    2. Discuss 3 ways that the 1996 Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA), also known as welfare reform, impacts poor and working-class women of color. Define the key aspects of the policy and be specific about how, according to feminist scholars, certain aspects of welfare reform impact the ability of WOC to escape poverty, constrain their reproductive rights, or contribute to their criminalization.
    When writing the essay responses to the prompts below do be specific! Name authors, organizations, laws, policies, movements, titles, key terms and concepts, dates and historical periods where relevant. Use quotes from the readings (using parenthetical citations with Author, Page #) where appropriate. Plagiarism is not allowed and results in failing the assignment as well as a mandatory conduct hearing. Do not use the same examples as evidence for multiple questions. Refrain from making arguments that are not supported by the texts, lectures, or other scholarly sources.

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