Any topic (writer’s choice)

    Christian Catholic and Korean culture.

    1.    Page 1: This discussion is devoted to two topics – religion and subcultures. At least one of the postings must be a short overview of your research report.

    2.    This is the largest assignment. Your task will be to research and report on a culture or subculture. Elements of your submission
          – Title – clearly specifies the culture in focus
          – Introduction – shortly describe the culture
          – Culture overview – describe the lifestyle, beliefs, values, unique characteristics, rules and expectations for members of the subgroups.
          – Members as employees – identify how the uniqueness of this group relates to the members’ functioning in the workplace.
          – Conclusion – reflect on your learning.
    The report should be 3 pages, readable font, clearly formatted with 1-inch margins. Remember that you are expected to write a short overview of your research report in your first page. Then you can start to do your largest assignment with 3 pages. 

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