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    The role of Saudi women entrepreneurs in the Saudi economy


    1.    Chapter One: Introduction
    a.    Introduction
    b.    Background of study
    c.    Problem statement and research focus
    d.    Significance of the previous study
    e.    Research Aim and Objectives
    f.    Research Questions
    g.    Definition of terms.
    h.    Summary

    2.    Chapter Two: Literature Review
    a.    Introduction
    b.    Women entrepreneurs
    c.    Women entrepreneurs in the Middle East.
    d.    Enablers and barriers to Saudi women entrepreneurs.
    i.    Culture and social factors
    ii.    Lack of access to financial support
    iii.    Personal obstacles.
    e.    Saudi economy
    f.    Saudi economy characteristics
    g.    Women participation in the Saudi economy
    h.    Governmental rules and regulations
    i.    Gaps in the literature
    j.    The theoretical and conceptual framework for the research design
    k.    Conclusion

    3.    Chapter Three: Methodology
    a.    Introduction
    b.    Research philosophy.
    c.    Research approach and justification.
    d.    Research design.
    e.    Data gathering.
    f.    Data Analysis
    g.    Ethical considerations
    h.    Summary

    4.    Chapter Four: Data Analysis.
    a.    Introduction
    b.    It should be a descriptive analysis
    c.    Summary

    5.    Chapter Five: Conclusion
    a.    Main findings.
    b.    Limitation, assumptions and scope of the study.
    c.    Conclusion.
    d.    Policies and recommendations
    6.    References

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