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    Getting Rich With Other Peoples Money

    1. Examine the articles on professional teams and sports stadiums on Canvas:
    * the SOC 4380 Reader, Section IV,
    * Sport Stadium Cost Issues in Additional Web Readings on Canvas.

    Additionally examine:
    * On pages 221-226 in the Eitzen & Sage class text, and at + . 

    Feel free to find any other material on the economics of major professional sports leagues and the public funding of their stadiums and arenas as well.

    2. Write a 2 2 page (double spaced) analysis and opinion paper, keeping the following questions in mind:

    a. According to the sources, what are the specific economic conditions of the professional sports teams industry that pressures the building of new stadiums and arenas in cities? What induces the relocation of established franchises to new cities?

    b. Do you believe that taxpayer-funding provided for the new stadiums and arenas as well as for team relocations is public money well spent? Why? Why not?

    c. Are there any proposals for change in the economics of professional sports that should be implemented in the process? Why? Why not?

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