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    We are making a business plan, and my plan is about meal kit. This is my elevator pitch I wrote before:

    Have you ever been discouraged to start cooking because you don’t know where to begin or you’re too tired after a long day at work? Our brand, Fresh Chef creates stress-free environment by delivering fresh ingredients, exact portions , and step-by-step instructions in every meal-kit. Unlike our competitors, we offer customers a variety of choices, options, and food categories to fit their dietary wants/needs in every meal, including various cuisines. We also produce kits to engage customers with the latest food trends. “Fresh Chef” means we provide you with the freshest ingredients and YOU are the Fresh Chef.

    According the information I provided, please write Marketing Plan of Meal kit that include information and analyses regarding the following:

    Market Research

    SWOT Analysis

    Target market
    Distribution and Location

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