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    Assignment Information and Deliverables:

    See the assignment description and data files provided below.

    Ask your questions about this assignment in the Solo 2 Huddle.  If you have a question about the assignment description document.  Please refer to the part you are asking about by referencing it by line number.

    Submit to this link: Paper Adobe Acrobat pdf.  Make sure your last name is at the beginning of the file name, and that the filename includes “solo-2.”  Don’t exceed the maximum number of pages, which is seven (7), all inclusive.  Be sure to number your pages. You don’t need to include a title page/cover sheet, or an executive summary.  See the assignment description for additional information.

    You would need the following files for Solo 2.

    Project Description: Predict450Solo2ProjectDescription.pdfPreview the document

    Respondent Data: stc-cbc-respondents-v3(1).RData

    Task Design File: stc-dc-task-cbc -v3(1).csv

    Effects Coding File: efCode.RData

    Data Map: stc-v3-datamap.txtPreview the document

    Extra Scenarios with effect coding: extra-scenarios(1).csv

    Extra Scenarios with original Coding: extra-scenarios-v3.csv

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