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    Please pick ONE of the following two questions, and answer it thoroughly in 1 page, (double or single spaced), in a font no larger than 12. If you choose to quote the book (or any other source), keep it to one line. Please address each part of the questions and give a thorough explanation. Obviously, this quiz/paper must be open book so I expect the writing to be clear and well-edited. Proof-read your work.

    Book: Descartes: Meditations on First Philosophy: (ISBN 0872201929 Copyright: 93 Publisher: Hackett Edition: 3)

    If you use sources from the internet, be careful you do not copy them verbatim or simply rearrange the sentences. I want to hear your ideas and read your own writing. Do not Plagiarize!

    1) What is Descartes’ goal at the outset of the meditations? How does the “method of doubt” help Descartes achieve this goal? What does Descartes find to be “indubitable”, and why is this thing certain when all else is doubtful?

    2) Why does Descartes feel he needs to find out whether or not there is a God? What particular question regarding Descartes perception will this answer? How does Descartes arrive at the conclusion that there must be a God?

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