Any topic (writer’s choice)


    4 Page Paper, including title page and reference page    10 points
    At least 3 sections in the Body – each with a title              10 points
    In-text references/citation                                                    10 points
    Reference section at the end, with at least 3 refs.              10 points
    At least 2 references taken from my list of sources            10 points
    Executive summary, AND has at least one sentence for
    each of the body sections                                                        10 points
    Governing thought, AND it summarizes exec summary    10 points
    Good content and observations                                              10 points
    Executive Research Paper — Give me a paper with the essentials for creating an Integrated Marketing Communication Plan from scratch – at a company that has never had one before, or a startup that is just now creating their marketing department. Your audience is senior executives, and therefore quite intelligent, but they are specialists in Accounting, HR, Engineering, and Operations, so you will definitely be the resident expert in the room. So don’t make it so complicated they cannot follow you on this first pass with the data – just the basics, and a strong emphasis on why they should move forward with this. Let’s assume that just the salaries in your new department will cost $200k per year – you can decide how much of that goes into your pocket, and how many other employees you will have, since you are the new Director of Marketing, and then assume you have another $200k per year to spend on advertising. Again, just keep this to the basics and remember, I really, really, really care about you mastering this new research paper format, and a bit less about your marketing plan.

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