Any topic (writer’s choice)

    Hi please condense the response of prompt 1 and prompt 2 to about 1000 words. 500 words MAX for each prompt.

    For prompt 1, use a few sentences to describe the ideological, philosophical, or political content in all of the resources overall.

    For prompt 2, use comparison to distinguish 2 or more different resources. (i.e. Roberto(the disabled man) vs Michelle Bruneis poem, Natalies new definition of freedom vs the mission statement of Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition, the designer by nature video vs the essay untamed, joyas voladoras vs the trouble with the wilderness, and the clan of the one breasted women vs which species will live) And for each distinction pair, please use a few sentences to explain why they are different from each other. Please use bullet points for each distinction. Each bullet point idea needs to structure like this:
    1) the difference between A and B is that…
    2) Describe why A is different
    3) whereas B is ….

    Thank you!

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