Any topic (writer’s choice)

    For this assignment, please in a word document.  Turn in your research idea and include the following: (Each is worth 3 points).  Be clear, complete to earn all points).

    1)  Problem statement, include your research questions and a citation to support the problem. 2-3 paragraphs.  Describe who is affected, how many are effected, how are people effected?  Who benefit from this knowledge?  Society, families, educators, researchers, psychologists, therapists, children, etc. Up to 3 citation-data driven. Looking data and specificity.

    2) Draft plan of your Study Questionnaire (and Case Study, as applicable). Outline of survey questions you plan to ask and the outline of your case study (as applicable). It if fine to utilize measures employed by others, just be sure to cite.  One possibility is you will use the questions already used by others or you will modify existing questions. In either case, please cite.

    3) Citations for 4 references in the area with a 4 sentence description of how each study relates to your research project. These citations will expand to be the body of your paper.  You want to think about citations and studies that you will use in your paper. This is background research that builds a case for your study, define, and discuss various results. Use APA style to earn full points.

    4) Informed consent paragraph that you will use for your survey. What I am looking for is that you hit all the critical points: 1) Participant over the age of 18, 2) Consent is voluntary, 3) Stop the study at any time with no penalty, 3) That there are monetary gains for participating and no explicit benefits.



    5) Describe information Systems you will use to collect data (qualtrics, google forms), method that you will use to analyze data  and prepare graphs.  Program you will use to prepare graphs. Get specific: Will you calculate means scores, correlation, percentages, etc.  What kind of graphs will you use?  (Do see the sample work published for ideas)

    6) Who will you survey: Class, facebook friends, other?

    7) All activities must adhere to shelter in place, social distancing orders.  You should strive to get at least 20-40 people in your study via electronic methods or those that comply with all laws and restrictions.

    8) No vulnerable populations can be surveyed, and we cannot ask about illegal behavior or other sensitive or triggering topics. “In our survey, we are not studying vulnerable populations because……”

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