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    Write an essay in which you analyze what the green girdle represents in the story, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Why is it controversial that Gawain accepts the girdle from the Barons wife? Are there any allusions to Christian values or ideologies present in the usage of the green girdle in the story?

    Make sure you are citing your sources and that you are using credible sources to support your claims.  I am looking for a comprehensive, analytical response; which means I want you to be able to come to your own conclusions about why the green girdle is important to the overall understanding of the story–i.e.. what is the Universal Idea.

    1stAsk the research question

    2nd your thesis statement is the answer==include topic, claim, directions

    3rdYou need to determine your directions

    4thC-D-C claim, detail, COMMENTARY

    Page  length 2.5 3

    12 point font-times new roman

    Normal 1inch margins

    No title page

    Top left corner-Name, date, class title (single spaced)

    Double spaced

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