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    Hi Everyone and thank you for some great contributions so far! We have had some interesting exchanges and differences of opinion on whether materials/goods should be locally sourced or not. A few questions to extend our thinking around this topic:

    Are locally sourced materials/goods always cheaper/superior quality? e.g. larger farming enterprises with advanced technology/economies of scale, outsourced production/manufacturing to regions with lower labour costs

    Do consumers actually care about where their goods are made/sourced from? How might this differ by sector? e.g. are we even aware of where component parts are sourced? By demographics? e.g. drive for sustainable supply chains prevalent among Millennials – how might Covid affect global distribution patterns?

    COO e.g. German engineering, French wine Vs ‘fast fashion’ from China/SE Asia, automobiles from Eastern Europe (interesting article in link below) – could localisation help counteract negative COO?

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