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    Outline For Paper Instructions

    Many of you may not have had a chance to fully consider your topic because of not having enough information this early in the course. I encourage you to look at some of the case studies in the back of the Textbook:
    – Buchbinder, S.B., & Shanks, N. H., (2021). Introduction to Health Care Management, (4th ed.). Burlington: Jones & Bartlett Learning.
    Think about your own experiences at work, and create a paper on a topic of interest to you. Look at a problem in your healthcare community that could be addressed (i.e. access to care issues: cultural biases that inhibit access or adequate treatment compliance, the expense of insurance, and other cost issues).

    I recommend that you use A3 Thinking and Template to help guide your thinking. I have also enclosed the IHI QI Essentials Toolkit.  In the toolkit, I recommend that you look up the Cause & Effect Diagram and the Driver Diagram. Choose one of these tools to help you discover “root causes” or “key drivers” within your topic. I have also enclosed an A3 Primer powerpoint deck and A3 template with tips. These will help you use A3 thinking in your outline and Final Paper.

    IHI QI Essentials Toolkit.pdf    A3_Problem-Solving_with Guide.xlsx

    The A3 Thinking Primer.pptx 

    The criteria below apply to case studies as well as the three or four Task criteria. The Task criteria and the criteria below are aligned: state the problem or need, create a solution using the three management principles, suggest an implementation policy, and summarize how the solution will result in the outcome.

    1) Problem statement or a needs assessment.
    2) What three management principles are you going to address?
    – Management/Leadership functions
    – Leadership
    – Communication
    – Financial – payments, insurance, budget, etc
    – Quality
    – Resource management
    – Technology
    – Organizational management
    – Planning & Strategy
    You can also look at these principles: Planning, Organizing, Leading, & Controlling.
    3) Explore “Root Causes” of your topic or issue
    4) Discuss solutions or Countermeasures to the problem or issue using the three principles you have chosen.
    5) Suggest how you will implement the solution & measure the outcomes
    6) Summarize and discuss how implementation will address the needs (problem).

    Your grade will be based on:

    Writing conventions
    See Rubric for a full explanation on the assignment page.

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