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    For this discussion question, please read the article “Garbage In, Garbage Out? Collect Better Data for Your Risk Assessment,” by Hulett and Preston. The article is located in the Week 7-8 Reading Folder.

    According to the authors, the data collection process plays a key role in risk assessment. For example, the interview technique and the quality of the questionnaire used to collect that data for risk assessment may affect the quality of a risk management plan.

    Based on what you’ve read, your experience in risk management, and any other resources you care to utilize, discuss the following questions.

    Why is the data collection process is so important?
    What can project managers do to protect the quality and integrity of the data collection process?
    Who do you think should be involved in data collection for project risk management? Why?
    What insights can be used in the development of your Risk Management Plan and Risk Register?

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