Any topic (writer’s choice)

    10 source minimum.
    1. Do you feel that some aspects of your life should remain private?
    2. Are you willing to let total strangers know everything about you and to sell such  information to others who can then share with anyone at any time?
    3. Could it be possible that you could be targeted by people, corporations, or  government agencies that might view you as a threat, and enemy, or as some one who should be prevented from achieving success?
    4. In your essay discuss how the violation of your privacy can result in you being  targeted for negative consequences by police, autonomous weapons, loss of job  opportunities, rejection from health insurers, and to be placed under suspicion by  corporations, the government, and individuals. 
    5. Also discuss how you as a consumer contribute to your own surveillance via  your personal devices. 
    6. Explain why you should consider your actions, your written and spoken com munication, who you associate with in public and private, and take into consider ation how you appear in public.
    7. Explain how you feel about being under surveillance. 
    8. Where and when will you be able to have time and space where and when you  are free from surveillance. 
    9. Discuss what could be alternatives to pervasive surveillance and potential  threat from autonomous weapons systems.
    10. Do you feel that you should own the rights to your image, voice, and activi ties?
    11. Explain how you can be an expressive individual in the Age of Surveillance.
    12. Be sure to reference the material found in the online reading materials.

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