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    For the Final Paper, students will design their own peacekeeping operation. Students should choose an existing international or intra-state conflict for which there is not currently a UN peacekeeping operation assigned OR design an alternative peacekeeping operation that differs significantly from an existing UN peacekeeping operation.. Please note that the conflict from our simulation is not an option. Students will develop their own multi-dimensional UN peacekeeping operation for their chosen conflicts using the Integrated Mission Planning Process. This operation must involve at least two humanitarian, two security, and two development tasks. In a 5-7 page paper, students will complete the following planning steps:

    1. Background information on conflict (very brief);
    2. A statement that identifies the mandate;
    3. Define the six tasks and identify techniques/methods for achieving them;
    4. Discuss the concept of operations, mission planning, the chain of command, force structure, considerations for the unity, security, and cohesion of the force, training and equipment, risk assessment, potential threats to success, and strategy and timeline for deployment;
    5. Discuss Basic Principles (strategies for obtaining consent, maintaining impartiality, and non-use/use of force)
    6. Discuss strategies and timeline for transition and exit.

    Post a brief summary of your peacekeeping operation on the corresponding Forum by Thursday of Week 8 and respond to at least two other students’ postings by Sunday of Week 8. The final paper should be saved as a Word file, uploaded into the assignment sheet and submitted for grading by Sunday of Week 8. Be sure to cite your sources appropriately!

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