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    Project Planning: Project Schedule, Budget, and Resources: Develop a realistic project schedule taking in account non-workdays and holidays and a realistic baseline budget. Using the WBS estimate the cost of the entire PP. Conduct research and use selected industry salaries, wages, and costs, etc. Include realistic required resources, which are tied to the salaries, wages, and/or costs. Identify and include both management and contingency reserves. Create the schedule and budget in MS Project Professional 2016 and transfer to a MS Word document. The MS Project file will be turned in with the MS Word document.

    In two to five paragraphs, explain how you determined the resources and costs, provide an overview of your overall baseline budget, and identify your critical path. Additionally, provide the rationale for your management and contingency reserves. Please note: You may use the Project Budget Template (Timephased).xlsx spreadsheet to assist in creating your budget, but all costs must be placed in MS Project

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