Any topic (writer’s choice)

    The following videos need to be watched, and reading attached files.

    Answers to bellow questions must be minimum 400 words for each, you must integrate ideas from across all assigned text.  Also you must use specific quotes or examples from the assigned texts as evidence to support arguments. 

    All Refences must be listed.

    1. What are accommodations and modifications? How can they be used to support students with disabilities? (Make sure that you consider culture and language as well as dis/ability)

    2. How does the idea of using “accommodations and modifications” for students with disabilities complement AND differ from the ideas behind Universal Design for Learning?
    3. What are some ways you can make sure that your assessments of student learning are valid (i.e., that kids can really show what they know)? Please give suggestions and examples related to your own area of expertise (e.g., early childhood or high school physics) based on what you’ve read in texts.

    4. What questions do this week’s readings raise for you? 

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