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    We have reached the end of our semester, and this is a good time to look back on all of the reading, writing, research, and discussion weve done so far. As you know, one of our primary goals for the semester was to define the term SUSTAINABILITY.  This entry will allow you to consider how your definitions of that term have developed or evolved through this class.

    Consider the following questions in your response:

    The Week #1 blog entry asked you to provide a preliminary definition of sustainability.  Take a look back at that entry. How did you define sustainability at that point?  How has your perspective or definition evolved over the past four months?
    Which writing assignments or blog entries were most influential in changing or developing your perspective on this concept?
    Which chapters in our book changed your perspective on sustainability?
    What SINGLE essay or article in our textbook was your favorite, and why?
    What do you think is the most important thing people should know or understand about sustainability?

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