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    As you know, Paper 3 is a Song Review:

    You will need to select a song recorded no later than 2000.
    You will determine whether song is good based on the following common expectations:
    Tells a Story
    Uses Literary Terms
    Reflects Society
    Transcends Generations
    Awards Won/Certifications
    Top Hit
    The rough draft and the final draft will both meet these guidelines to the best of your abilities. All criteria for the paper rest on the concepts discussed in the assigned lectures and readings.

    Here are a few things to keep in mind while writing Paper 3:

    Essay is in 3rd person
    do not use “I” or “you”
    Requirements for each paragraph:
    each paragraph requires a header (bold)
    each paragraph requires a topic sentence, supporting details, and a concluding sentence
    If no gender is specified in the lyrics (i.e. “I”/”you”), replace with singular “they” when quoting the lyrics
    the singer is not the “I” in the song; therefore, don’t assume “I’s” gender
    Only quote 3 lines of lyrics per example
    do not use block quotes
    include line breaks
    In-text citations are required when quoting lyrics and other sources
    only direct quote lyrics from the song
    paraphrase and summarize all other sources
    Works Cited page is required

    The paper will have a strong title. Please note that the title of the song is not the title of your essay.
    The paper will have body paragraph for each expectation the song meets.
    i.e. song meets 4 expectations, you’ll have 4 paragraphs, song meets 5 expectations, you’ll have 5 body paragraphs, etc.
    The paper will have body paragraphs that each discuss one common expectation. Each will have
    Topic sentence
    claim (song is good) + common expectation met
    Supporting details
    proof that the song meets the expectation
    Concluding sentence
    concluding analysis of evidence

    Each body paragraph will lead readers through the song review clearly.
    Each body paragraph will make use of supporting details, including
    Covers, remixes, samples
    Record charts, etc.

    The style will be clear and direct (no wordiness or extra fluff).
    The sentences will vary in length.
    The paper will have a minimum of grammar errors.
    MLA Formatting/Styling:

    The paper will be formatted in MLA, including
    One-inch margins
    Double-spacing (with no extra spaces between paragraphs; set Before and After to zero).
    12-point Times New Roman font
    A heading with your name, the instructors name, the course, and the date, in day-month-year format (i.e., January 4, 2023 would be written 4 January 2023).
    A header inch from the top of the page with your last name and the page number.
    A centered title.
    Paragraphs that are indented one tab (or ten spaces).
    Justify the paper left onlynot both sides.
    The paper must also be styled in MLA, including
    in-text citations
    Works Cited page

    Other Details:

    Paper 3 will be a minimum of four pages in length; this means a full four pages (and not three pages and some writing on page 4).

    Paper 3 is worth 100

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