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    Please select two out of the six questions. In your responses, please define, explain, and provide examples as specified. Your responses should be in complete sentences. The midterm essays are to be done at test time. Paper will be provided at this time. The essay component will be added to your multiple choice scores for your total grade. For example, if you make a 50 on the multiple choice component and have a total of 35 points for the essay component, your final grade for the midterm would be: 50 + 35= 85.
    EQ1.  What is meant by the term tabula rasa and its relationship to critical learning periods, especially as it relates to the cognitive and physical development among feral children? Describe how the following influential thinkers understood the process of socialization. Provide a short summary of the key ideas you gain from reading and class lectures and discussion of the following theorist: Sigmund Freud, Jean Piaget, Lawrence Kohlberg, George Herbert Mead, and Erik H. Erikson. *Use two of the feral children cases discussed in class [30 pts.]

    EQ2.  What were some of the similarities between Danielle and Genies cases?  Discuss the three levels of socialization as they relate to their respective cases. Provide specific examples in your discussion. [15 pts.]

    EQ3. How, according to Erving Goffman, do we create reality as we engage in the presentation of self?What is the Thomas Theorem and does it compare/contrast that of the dramaturgical perspective? * Utilize the article, The Presentation of Self in Every Day Life by Erving Goffman in your discussion. It located in your exercise for the chapter 4 [15 pts.]

    EQ4. What constitutes sexual deviance? Why is it important to examine cultural variations regarding sex and sexuality?*Use the video clips and articles located in D2L, along with your textbook to assist you in your responses. [20 pts.]

    EQ5. Discuss the role of social media and its impact, beginning in the 20th century, until now, on the changing attitude on the following: (1) cultural and social norms (2) sexual identity , and (3) sexual orientation. Select an individual (s) (e.g. Miley Cyrus, Janelle Monae) who have declared themselves to be non-binary, bi-sexual, pan-sexual, trans, etc.). Use the links provided in D2L to assist you. Per the videos you watched, select one of them to discuss how cultural norms impact attitudes involving sexuality and gender from one society to another? * Support you responses with specific examples from the text and select a person , readings and associated videos [20 pts.]

    EQ6.    Discuss the concepts of role conflict and role strain . Provide specific examples, from the ‘real world’ (e.g., a political figure, someone from pop culture or sports, or yourself, etc.). Do NOT use examples from the text[10 pts.].

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