Any topic (writer’s choice)

    The course is about canadian judicial system. Please ignore the world limits mentioned in the file, I only need around 1000 words, Ill add on some contents by myself based on the 1000 words.

    instructions files: report details +report template
    reading files: MacFarlane +fairlie + crandall
    note: note 1

    The note is about the lecture, readings are provided from this course, in this assignment, that stuff is just for giving you a better understanding about the concept of this course. You may need it or not through wring this assignment so I send u them, then you can check it if needed.

    The most important here is the report details doc, template doc, and the website,

    You will answer questions mainly based on that website page, the left column is there for you to find something u need.
    For example, in the last two parts, you need to look at the webcast in the left column of the webpage to answer.

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