Any topic (writer’s choice)

    Use elements of effective writing in preparing the assignment
        List 4-6 Core Values and write 1-3 sentences as to why that value is important
        Craft a statement of Purpose
        Determine your Mission for the next 5-10 years
        Complete the major of the boxes in the SWOT analysis
        Complete all 8 Action plans with detailed action items relative to your strategy.  These action plans should include all aspects of your life:  work, personal, financial, philanthropic, etc.  The first item on the action plan should be your objective (Become a CPA or CFA, for example.)  The remaining 6 items under the plan show intermediate steps related to this objective (graduate from college, take any additional courses to be certified, take a preparatory course for the exam, for example.)  Another action item could be:  contribute to the community in meaningful ways.  The items beneath this objective could be:  volunteer 3 hours per week as a Kendall- Whittier reading partner; save $10 per week to donate to a charity; seek financial security to be able to endow a scholarship or give a substantial donation to a not-for-profit.
        Describe how you will hold yourself accountable for each of the objectives of your 8 action items?  This includes measuring your progress towards your objective.
        Describe how you will reward yourself for accomplishing each of the objectives of your 8 action items

    Use This Template I uploaded.

    notice that you are the student who graduated from business management major.

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