Any topic (writer’s choice)

    write a research paper about climate change.

        The topics should include the following:
        What is climate change?
        What happens to Earth and life on Earth as a result of climate change?
        What is the history, present and future of climate change?
        Can climate change be prevented, reversed, paused or minimized? If so, how?
        What are the social and political narratives about climate change?
        What is your personal opinion about climate change?
        Why is it important to stop or minimize climate change?
        What is the definition of carbon footprint?
        What are some creative ways to minimize your carbon footprint (e.g. flush the toilet less, turn off the shower water when you are lathering your hair/body)?
        How can minimizing your carbon footprint save you money? Cost you money?

        Calculate your carbon footprint at or, Include a paragraph or reflection about your number, how you arrived at that number, how you can decrease that number, how it compares to the national average and the global average and if it is feasible for you in your current lifestyle to decrease that number.

        Watch up to three videos from The Story of Stuff series by Annie Leonard (, Include a summary paragraph or reflection about each videos in your paper.

    The research paper must be at least 5 single spaced pages OF TEXT at most 10 pages OF TEXT with references (references are not a part of the page minimum), should be in 12-point font in Arial or Times New Roman and the margins should not be larger than 1” (normal setting). You should include a title page but it is not part of the 5-page minimum. You may include an abstract page if you wish, but it is not part of the 5-page minimum. If you want to include photos that is great but they are not a part of the 5-page minimum, they would go in an appendix at the back of the paper and referenced throughout the text with Figure #1, etc. References should also be in the text as numbers corresponding to the number they are listed as in the references section.  The paper and references should be in APA style.

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