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    TOPIC: A current event with an ethical dilemma.
    By reading newspapers, magazines, watching TV news, reading online news sources or current event blogs such as Opposing Views, find one unique current event (within the past 12 months!) that contains an ethical issue/dilemma. There must be two opposing sides, each with valid arguments, to qualify as a dilemma. If the action is illegal, then it is not a true dilemma and would not work for this assignment.
    Ensure your source is credible. Submit the source or website to Media Bias/Fact Checker. Do not use a source with extreme political leanings, bias, or unverified facts.
    Using this Newspaper Template fill in the boxes. You’ll need to summarize the current event, provide both for and against sides of the right vs right argument and give your final ethical opinion.
    See an “A” example! ­čÖé
    Bold the ethics terms used in newspaper to show you are making an ethical argument.
    Reminder, this is a short news column and not a research paper. So broad ethical issues such as abortion, death penalty, stem cells, and gay marriage do not work for this assignment. These topics cannot be sufficiently covered in one page. Nor are these topics “current,” as they have been debated for decades.
    INSTEAD find ONE small, more local, unique ethical situation that has not already been discussed in this class. For example… have you heard about the 90-year-old man legally charged for feeding the homeless?? 
    Remember to be an ethical situation there must be an unclear line of what is right or wrong. If an action is obviously illegal, it would not be good for this assignment, either. There must be some “gray” area with at least two “right vs right” arguable sides to the issue in order for a discussion to develop. * template and Sample attached*

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