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    As a professional in the Early Childhood field, you will commonly have access to confidential information as part of your job duties.  As a general policy, Early Childhood professionals may only use confidential information for work-related purposes.  Using confidential information for personal purposes is not only unethical but, in some cases, is a criminal violation and may lead to termination.
    For this discussion, respond to the following scenario:

    You are approached by a colleague who asks you to divulge confidential information that you have access to.  Your colleague hints they plan to use the information for personal purposes.
    How would you handle this situation with your colleague and still adhere to your organizations confidentiality policy, as stated above?  What are your options for a resolution?

    What are the potential implications for how you decide to handle this situation?  Identify any moral concerns or moral issues with your colleagues request.  What would you decide to do?  Justify your decision.

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