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    Strategic HRD

    Learning is a key part of Maximos people strategy.  Their people drive their business and as such they have a significant budget for development.  Individuals can nominate themselves for specific training courses that will add value to their skillset and the products they work on.  Classroom training is only a small part of the strategy.  Maximo have intentionally kept working groups small and flexible, focusing on developing or maintaining specific products.  This supports a focus team members sharing knowledge and skills as part of their day to day work.

    Managers have a development focus, and spend time enabling and supporting development of individuals in their team.  They have many examples of how this informal learning has resulted in key business successes and changes to core processes.  Maximo take an inclusive approach to talent management, recognising that all roles add value, so development is available to all.  The opportunity to learn is rated as one of the most valued benefits by employees.

    SHRM and the management of change

    The change that Maximo experienced over a 5 year period was large and fast-paced.  One of the key factors in their success was their ability to respond quickly to an opportunity and continue to adapt.  Maximo believe the structure of the business has enabled them to remain flexible and use the learning culture to adapt to new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.

    Communication is a challenge for all organisations during periods of change, and there have been times when Maximo havent communicated clearly enough to their employees. They think one of their main strengths is the flow of communications within the business, which has always been up, down and sideways.  This means that when theyve made mistakes, the effect of this has been reported back to them very quickly, enabling them to take action.  They believe in sharing all the information they can, and use the system of one-to-ones, daily, weekly and monthly huddles to share information face to face.

    The structure of the organisation means that they have maintained the feel of a small mobile games developer, which has minimised barriers to communication

    Journal Entry

    For your Unit 7 and 8 Journal Entry consider how Maximos approach to learning and development fits with their approach to the employment relationship?  How does their approach relate to their ability to manage change?

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