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    The agency that I am identifying is an agency within the Army community. This agency is called the Family Advocacy Program (FAP). FAP falls under an Army community program, which provides training, counseling, support groups, and family advocacy to all active duty, retirees, Reserve, and National Guard components, including their family members. Specifically, the Family Advocacy Program provides resources on domestic and child abuse, treatment, and intervention. The policy for this program, according to the Department of the Army is, To prevent Spouse and Child abuse, to protect those who are victims of abuse, to treat those affected by abuse, and to ensure personnel is professionally trained to intervene in abuse cases. (Family Advocacy Programs (FAP). (n.d.). This program was designated to break the progression of violent acts by trying to detect them as early as possible.


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    It is important for social workers to understand policies because we are helping our clients to strive to live better lives. It is important for us to know the policies that are in place so that we can fight for our clients. The agency that I chose is Catholic Charities. Catholic Charities is a religious organization that focuses on the prevention of poverty. Some of the resources that Catholic Charities offer are food and nutrition, housing, disaster services, utility assistance, health services and much more (CCUSA, 2020).   

    The major social problem that Catholic Charities addresses is poverty. Being that Catholic Charities focus is to prevent poverty, the social policy is that team members of Catholic Charities help to keep government leaders informed on the impacts of poverty in their local communities (CCUSA, 2020). Also, how the policies affect those within the communities. This in turn helps to inform policies (CCUSA, 2020). According to the text, one of the eight tasks of policy advocates, is the problem analyzing task, where workers, investigates the causes of problems and gathers it in that specific location (Jansson, 2018, p. 78).


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