Any topic (writer’s choice)

    Select one of the three articles posted below and evaluate the article concerning the
    following questions:
    1. What is the objective of the study?
    2. What is the central question or theory of the article you are evaluating?
    3. What type of data did the author(s) use in their study?
    4. What were the results? Did they find support for the hypothesis or theory?
    5. Did the author(s) overlook something?
    The assignment should be no longer than 500 words double spaced using APA formatting.
    Select one of the three articles posted below:
    CHAN, S; MAK, W. Benevolent leadership and follower performance: The mediating role of
    leader-member exchange (LMX). Asia Pacific Journal of Management. 29, 2, 285-301,
    June 2012. ISSN: 02174561.

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