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    Respond by Day 5 to at least two of your colleagues postings that differ from your preferred choice for Susan. Discuss the difference in professional regulations and why you agree or disagree with your colleagues choice. Use your professional standards to support your view.

    Colleague1: Discussion 1 – Week 1
    Susan as a psychotherapist realizes she is sexually attracted to John (the patient) and he gives her a hug after each session. First, Susan should acknowledge to herself that she is attracted to John sexually to make herself aware of her emotions and maybe why she is having those feelings towards him. The Code of ethics states: Social workers should under no circumstances engage in sexual activities, inappropriate sexual communications through the use of technology or in person, or sexual contact with current clients, whether such contact is consensual or forced(NASW, 2017). Susan should speak with her direct supervisor to make him/her aware and she must give the client notice of termination of services to avoid being unethical.


    National Association of Social Workers. (2017). Code of ethics of the National Association of Social Workers. Retrieved from


    Colleague 2 Er

    RE: Discussion 1 – Week 1
    First and foremost Susan should implement a no hugging policy as it can be deemed as inappropriate and or boundary crossing. Susan should speak to her supervisor about her feelings towards John. I believe that it would appropriate to transition him to another therapist so that her feelings for him do not interfere with his processing his divorce. According to Levine, Risen and Altof boundary crossing into context of therapeutic relationships can be effective but boundary violations can be harmful to the client and therapist Levine, Risen & Altof, 2016).


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