Any topic (writer’s choice)

    For this discussion post, I want us to explore different tools we may use and why. Using either a past project or one you have researched for this course, identify at least one quantitative tool and one qualitative performance evaluation tool and provide the following information as it relates to your project (case study) in this course:

    Brief explanation of the tool
    Why you selected each tool
    When you would use them during the project
    What information you think they would yield and why this is important
    Any limitations of the tools
    How they might work together, if applicable
    Just as a note, here are a few classifications by qualitative and quantitative to help you out a bit:

    Qualitative Tools (Benchmarking, Causal analysis, Root cause analysis, FMEA, Fault Tree Analysis, MBWA)
    Quantitative (Regression analysis, Reserve analysis, Trend analysis, Earned Value, Variance Analysis, Benchmarking, FMEA)
    Some are listed in both lists, as they can be either depending on the type of data used. There are other tools that you may use currently or believe will be beneficial so please feel free to explore others in your research.

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