Any topic (writer’s choice)

    Select a species of interest (other than humans; perhaps a species you dont know much about, or a species that you are interested in) and write about it from an evolutionary perspective. For example: What is the classification hierarchy of your organism (Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species)? What is its scientific name (Genus + Species), and what does its scientific name allude to? Where in the Tree of Life does it fit? Which species or group of species is it most closely related to (hint: that would be the next branch on the tree with which it shares a common node)? Did its relationship to any of its evolutionary relatives surprise you, and if so, in what way? Where does your organism live? How is it adapted to its environment? Does your organism form a symbiotic relationship with another organism? Do humans use this organism or components/extracts of this organism for the benefit of our species? Is your organism being affected by global climate change? Etc.

    You will be responsible for seeking out at least three primary sources for your term paper, though you can have as many as you would like for your own use (all sources must be from a scholarly [peer-reviewed] journal; you cannot use textbooks, magazines, websites [e.g., Wikipedia], current event articles, press releases, blogs, etc.). The journals website will tell you whether their publications are peer reviewed. Use consistent formatting (e.g., MLA, ALA, etc.) for each source. State the name of your topic at the top of your bibliography. Summarize key information (paraphrase in your own words); plagiarism will result in a failing grade for this assignment. You can use bullet points or full sentences (whatever is most amenable to your writing process). You must include at least 150 words per reference (= 450 words total). You will be assessed based on adherence to formal formatting protocols (see the Purdue writing center website: and paraphrasing of suitable information for the term paper.

    3 pages term paper
    1 page bibliography
    total 4 pages

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