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    This week we are focusing on narration which requires a ton of details, but not just any details. I absolutely love vivid details. As a writer, it is your responsibility to show me, not tell me the details. Let me repeat that one more time. It is your responsibility to SHOW ME, not tell me the details.

    Here is an example, so you will better understand the task at hand.

    Telling Me: I was really hungry, so I went and got a burger.

    Showing Me: My stomach tossed and turned as it whispered, “L-A-Tonziaaaaaaaaaa, it is time to eat. I am dyinggggg.” Immediately, I ran across the room, and I opened the gate to heaven. I saw a lovely BLT awaiting me as the cool air from the fridge hit my toes.

    Please note the following differences based on the two statements:

    There are a lot more words when you complete the “Show Me” details. Word count matters.
    You can picture what is happening in your mind as you read the “Show Me” details.
    “Show Me” details are small moments filled with action and life.

    Your assignment is simple. I need you to express yourself using your words. Now is the time to practice collecting details to strengthen your narrative, complete this activity. Study the photo below. Write one paragraph using specific, descriptive details about the photo. (In case you forgot, a paragraph is 5-8 complete sentences.) You can include conversation you think was going on or the emotions that were felt. You can add smells as well. I need you to literally bring the photo to life.

    Below is the link to the image you will be describing. I look forward to the response on this assignment.

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