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    watch the video for the overall view of the case study, follow the instructions, use the capacity specifically and other knowledge mentioned in ppt, finish a 1-page exclusive summary, and do detailed analysis and recommendations in the appendix(with chart/excels).

    I’m including a list of questions and answers from other students.

    Q: I am having some trouble with finding the current capacity of the Packaging stage. I saw how many workers there are, how many shifts they work, and how many shifts a week but I can not find their output/efficiency. Am I missing something?

    A: It doesnt give you much information other than some of the packaging is in-house and some is outsourced. You could make an assumption here, which is what I did for my analysis. That assumption is that the packaging can at least keep up with the temp and molding process. So I had it running at that same rate.

    Q: What format should I use in writing up the case?

    A: See the case guideline document on ELC. Problem statement, recommendation, analysis, and link to learning

    Q: I’m having trouble calculating the capacity. How do I get started?

    A: Each process step is different, but you simply determine the current state capacity by utilizing the information they give you in the case, for example: The bean cleaner can process 200kg at a time and it takes 15 minutes to perform the function. 96kg out of 100kg are recovered at the end. From that information, you can determine how many kg per hour the bean cleaning machine can produce. That would be the max hourly capacity for this step. You then need to determine based on that how many kg can it do per day (it gives you that they operate 1 eight hour shift), and then per month (it tells you that it works 7 days a week).

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