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    1) What is your professional goal immediately after graduation (business school)? 120-150 words

    —– Goal #1 needs a sample writing——-
    —–Goal #2 only needs edit. ———

    GOAL #1
    ( I want to say something about starting a non profit organization as i believe that music education provides children with independent thinking skills, confidence, and discipline. It should be something everyone has the opportunity to do. I can accomplish that by using technology and professional network to connect volunteers and students from different part of the world and to advertise and advocate about the program)

    I would like to be an entrepreneur and take a lead on providing education to underprivileged children, particularly music education. With a team of experienced managers and employees, this can be accomplished by offering valuable services as well as building lasting relationships with the community. Using technology, marketing and communication skills. I will be able to reach out to volunteers and educate them on the significance they could make as volunteers.

    GOAL #2
    Upon graduation, I wish to lead the data analytics team in one of the worlds largest streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play, supervising a team of 5-10 data analysts. Working directly with the team would allow me to have a better understanding of data processing pertaining to the music industry.

    In a crowded streaming market, accurately ranking new music becomes more challenging. After my experience in the data analytics team, I intend to lead the product management team to develop data collection standards. The standardized protocol would allow fair revenue sharing to small artists and maximize time spent on the platform by catering better playlist to the listeners.

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