Any topic (writer’s choice)

    – Write a summary of the article containing the following:
    1. Research question and objectives. What was the research question(s)/objective(s)? What did the authors want to find out?
    2. Hypotheses and predictions. The hypotheses and predictions, and where they come from. They normally arise from the previous literature (what we know about this issue) which is usually reviewed in the introduction. There may be two or more competing hypotheses, or two or more competing theories or models that give different predictions regarding a particular aspect of language processing.
    3. Method. A summary of the methodology used. How was the study conducted:
    – Describe the participants: who were they? Do the participants have any special characteristics?
    – Describe the stimuli: what kinds of stimuli were used (and from what language)? Describe the different types of stimuli/different conditions, give examples.
    – Describe the task: what did the participants have to do? What was the structure of a trial?
    Why was this methodology chosen? Is it appropriate for the research question(s)?
    If there is more than one experiment in the article, describe the methodology for each experiment.
    4. Results. A summary of the results (not the statistics, but the findings).
    5. Interpretation of results. What the results mean: Do they support the hypotheses/predictions? How do they answer the research question(s)?
    Think about what you have learned in the course, and answer the following questions:
    – What are their implications for language processing in general?
    – What is the contribution of this paper to the field of psycholinguistics?
    6. Connections to course material. The connection of the article’s research questions and findings to the course material (what you have learned that is directly relevant to this study), and how the article expanded your knowledge.
    Please type your assignment, 12 pt font, 1 inch margins, double-spaced, maximum 3 pages, no title page. On the first page, state clearly which article you are writing about.
    Use section headings (in bold above).
    Use APA style for any citations.

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