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    For the journal assignments, I am asking for your thoughts on a topic. The response is informal and need not be in APA format. Just a text entry when you submit the assignment. If you want, you can draft the entry in your word-processing application. Then proofread it, and run your grammar checker and spelling checked. After that, a simple copy and paste to the Canvas text editor.

    Psychology suggests many things, including that we have no choice in what we do or how we behave. Some would suggest that we are products of our environment and genetics, and therefore are fully predictable. We cannot do other that what our genetics and environment dictate.

    Do you think this is accurate? Do you think you can make your own choices, or are they all predictable and therefore pre-determined?

    There is always more information to seek. This first video is a good overview of the scientific method. You may recall this from other classes – Observation – hypothesis – research and test hypothesis – data analysis. Sound familiar?
    Our first video is a brief recap of the
    Scientific Method
    This next video is a research classic. At Stanford, Dr. Philip Zimbardo wanted to know what might happen if you put essentially good people in a threatening environment. The results were staggering at the time. PLEASE NOTE –  this video has NSFW language.
    The Stanford Prison Experiment
    Interested in more about Milgram’s experiment? Here is another staggering experiment from the 1960s.
    Obedience and Authority
    you need links and chapter uploaded, may help…
    here is link to the book:
    Chapter 1 (Introduction to Psychology), Chapter 2 (Research)

    lecture uploaded:
    Module 4 Lecture 1 – Theories MK PPT
    Module 4 Lecture 2 – Research MK PPT

    Your reflection should be about 250 – 300 words.

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