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    These questions can be formulated while reading assigned texts before lecture, during lecture about the lecture itself, during the viewing of the recorded lecture, or after viewing the recorded lecture.Below youll find different options for formulating your one page word question/reflection:1)Address acitation from one of the theoretical texts weve read for the week, and a short (2-3 sentence) description of what you find compelling, interesting, confusing, challenging, confounding, about the passage.2)Address a theoretical concept presented in the weeks lecture presentation that you find compelling, interesting, confusing, challenging, confounding, and would like to introduce for discussion in class. This scene may have some relationship to the citation of the theoretical text youve provided. 3)An aesthetic technique that you saw in an artwork or exhibition that was covered in thelecturepresentation. Pick one you think has engaged directly with a theoreticalconcept weve discussed or has been discussed in one of our readings/lectures. Briefly describe the artwork or exhibitions technique and also what kind of relation it might have to the theoretical text we encountered that week.  4)These should not be simple yes or no question or something that can easily be looked up on Wikipedia. Rather, your one page-word response should reflect your active engagement with the reading, lecture or case study artwork/exhibition. These questions are meant to help you understand concepts in the text that you find difficult, please use them to you advantage.  Consider the following questions to guide your work a.What is the text, lecture or artworks main idea?b.What does it mean?c.Why does it matter?5)As you proceed with these assignments over the course of the quarter, you may compare and contrast prior theories or artworks covered in one lecture with another.  This will prepare you for the final paper assignment

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