Any topic (writer’s choice)

    To simplify the process, I am suggesting the approach that follows.  You are certainly free to choose another approach, or vary the suggested approach below.

    The essential components of the report are: plot, the authors thesis, your thesis, your discussion/analysis and your evaluation and conclusion. Here is the suggested approach:

    -Describe the plot, which is a pattern of events and their causes. This should take two-three paragraphs. It needs to include the major characters in the story and the circumstances that drive their actions.

    -Include in the above discussion the authors thesis or argument in your words.

    -At the end of the plot description, assert your own conclusion about the novel. Is it effective, engaging, dull, intriguing, unresolved, overly dark and un-redemptive? This is your overall conclusion about the work.

    -Discuss the qualities of the work that you consider important. This demonstrates your analytical skill. You can choose characters, themes, scenes, symbols, societal problems,  authors use of tone and setting or combinations of these. This is probably a good place to address the deep problems that affect a society and how they are communicated by the writer.   

    -Evaluate the work in a way that supports the conclusion you reached earlier. What skills does the writer employ in communicating his/her message? What flaws are present in that message? What is your conclusion about the work? 

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